Finish Painting triangle part of the fort (upper half)
Rip out the most rotten tree and replace it with brick supports
Re-paint Bunker Room outside
Re-paint Screened in Deck outside
Clean out ALL JUNK from under the fort
Re-insulate under the fort (where it needs it)
Main Roof - Rip off all old shingles and plywood
Main Roof - Add more 2x4 supports
Main Roof - Put on new Plywood & Shingles
Main Roof - Re-do overhang (finish it like the triangle room)
Re-Paint the outside of the 2001 Extention
Rip out 2nd tree and replace it with brick supports
Rip out 3rd tree and replace it with brick supports
Re-wire heater on deck
Finish the new window in the Triangle Room upstairs (Inside)
Clean out all cupboards and any garbage outside
Replace all lights along hydro lines with new LED ones
Replace all Christmas C9 Bulbs around the fort with C7 LED or CFL ones
Install a new floodlight at the end of the trail
Rake all leaves into the bush
Plant grass seads - Monday
CLEAN FIREPIT and all around it too, after all garbage is burned!
Put a plywood back on the outdoor cupbords
Put plywood around bottom of deck & Paint
Install new kitchen tap
Fix all doors, so they close!!
Put a new handle on the main door
Find a spot for the old chipboard
Put in A/C upstairs
Put in vents for A/C upstairs
Put screen around the top of the outhouse
Finish plug outside of the outhouse
Finish Lattice around the bottom of the fort
Run new extention cord to the burner in the kitchen
Put hammock back together
Finish replacing boards along the trail
Build a small shead for all our junk
Finish painting around air conditioner
Fix roof upstairs (where foot went through)
Rip down old shower
Build a NEW Shower!
Hook up water in new shower
Put up the hammock
Install New Window
Frame new Window
Tarp Shower
Paint Shower
Shingle shower roof
Cut Lattice & Put on under new Window
Build door for the Shower
Take lights out of the Computer
Fix leak in outhouse and outdoor kitchen with Tuck Tape!

Things to do
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Right before Gathering
Clean Firepit
Clean up all Garbage
Hook up hot water
MAJOR Clean inside
Thanks to EVERYONE!!!  We finished the list Before August!!!